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Kathy Leigh Carter, Founder Of Justice Reins And Nmlef

As a licensed attorney in Texas and California along with being an entertainment executive in Hollywood for over 25 years, Kathy Leigh Carter brings her experience to the mounted law enforcement arena to elevate the brand to a national level through her Justice Reins trademarked entertainment platforms and her non-profit. 

_Duke” Los Angeles PD Mounted (Quarter Horse)

Since 2014, Kathy Leigh has traveled the United States being educated by mounted officers, deputies and federal agents in over 150 units nationwide across 40 states including Border Horse Patrol Units on the southern and northern border.  She is considered a national expert and resource on the United States Mounted Units. Additionally, she traveled to mounted barns in Israel, Ireland and Canada to extend her reach and knowledge. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 12.56.07 PM.png

After Kathy Leigh’s experiences learning how our law enforcement on horseback prevent and confront crime, save lives and protect our very freedoms with their equine partner, she felt compelled to create the National Mounted Law Enforcement Foundation, a 501c3, ( to directly support the work of our United States mounted units through donations from individuals and companies.

Utilizing her experience as a Hollywood producer, talent manager and on-camera judge for Season 1 of Fox Sports "Fast Track to Fame" at NASCAR events

Kathy L.Carter

Kathy Leigh created the Justice Reins YouTube Channel to educate the public and support law enforcement on horseback by taking the viewers on a journey across America to meet the horses and their law enforcement partners to not only understand how horses and law enforcement work together but to explain the dire need of this specialized unit.  "The United States Mounted units have been around since the late 1800s, and people need to know about them!”.  Please Subscribe and show your support: Justice Reins

The Justice Reins song is a co-write with the amazing H. Jack Williams (  An experienced songwriter in many genres including writing for The Who and most recently writing with Kevin Costner for Yellowstone while releasing his own album.  We hope you purchase and share Justice Reins as part of the proceeds will be supporting the U.S.  mounted units.  


The next platform for Justice Reins will be released soon….. 

law enforcement on horseback v0001.jpg
Kathy L. Carter

Kathy Leigh now lives on a 13 acre mini farm and is the proud owner of Hawk, a Quarter horse who is a former cutter, current sorter bought from Kevin Reese K/R Cow Horses. “Traveling around the country to meet all the mounted officers, deputies and federal agents along with their horses, I had to get off the sidelines so I bought a horse.  I’m glad Hawk knows what to do with the cows. I just hang on” .

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